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Symptoms Of geopathic stress

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Please read through the following questions and count your "yes" answers.
.Do you regularly wake up during the night, especially between 2:00 and 3:00 am?
.Do you feel tired the morning, not well rested, even if you had 8 hours of sleep?
Are any of your children restless sleepers?
.Do any of your children have nightmares?
.Does your baby move to the sides or ends of their crib or tend to fall out of bed?
.Does your baby cry for no apparent reason?
.Do any of your children have difficulty concentrating in school?
.Are there any chronic health issues you or a member of your family are experiencing? (count each family member with a challenge as an extra point).
.Was anybody challenged with cancer living in your house? (count each cancer case as a point).
.Do any of your plants, trees or bushes on your property have abnormal growth patternsThe basic three types of naturally occurring Geopathic Stress are underground watercourses, earth grid systems and geologic anomalies or earth fractures
  • Underground water courses
  • Earth grid systems
  • Geologic fractures
  • Three-dimensional grid systems,

  • What are some of the symptoms (Geopathic stress)?

    What are some of the symptoms (Geopathic stress)? There are some symptoms which are more common than others. Restless sleep at home but good sleep away from home Continuous low level illnesses (such as colds, earaches, stomach bugs etc.) Illnesses which do not respond to medication A history of serious disease (especially cancer) or death in the home over the lifetime of the building, including animals Tensions or arguments in the family which go beyond the 'normal' familial stress

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